Lisandra Ramirez graduated from both the San Alejandro Art Academy and the Superior Institute of Art (ISA) in Havana. She also studied bronze casting techniques in Spain and followed a course at the Tisch School of the Arts at the University of New York.

Her colorful work explores various topics related to society and its functioning.

Lisandra Ramirez’ work has been widely exhibited in Cuba and internationally, in galleries as well as in museums, such as the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC. She also was awarded with various honors such as 1st prize at the 2013 Cuban Contemporary Art Fair of the Galiano Gallery in Havana.

Entre las flores

Fiberglass and plexiglass

Variable dimensions

Good Luck

Digital print on plexiglass, glass and plastic

Variable dimensions

La Historia de los pueblos

Fiberglass and fabric

95 x 67 x 85 cm (37 x 26 x 33 inches)

From the series Buen viaje

Plexiglass, mirror, cutlery and broken china

40 x 33 x 10 cm (15 x 13 x 4 inches)


Photographic print on plexiglass

36 x 44 x 4 cm (14 x 17 x 1,1 inches)


Photographic print on plexiglass

Variable Dimensions