MABEL POBLET, Cienfuegos 1986

In 2007, Mabel Poblet graduated from the San Alejandro Art Academy in Havana, with the honours of the jury. She then completed her academic career at the Superior Institute of Art (ISA) of Havana.

One of Cuba’s rising stars, Mabel Poblet’s work is eclectic and composed of mix medias, installations, photography and motion pieces. Her work is directly related to her life experience and although it is deeply personal, there is no sentimentality to it.

In 2017, her then 3 year-long work installation “Escala de Valores” was exhibited at the Venice Biennial.

Mabel Poblet’s work can be seen in public collections such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Tampa (FL), the Cisnero Fontanals Art Foundation in Miami (FL) and the Gilbert Brownstone Foundation in France. Furthermore, her work can be found in private collections around the world.


Mixed Media on PVC

95 x 50 cm or 76 x 40 cm (37 x 19 inches or 30 x 15,5 inches)


Mixed Media on PVC

100 x 60 cm (39 x 23,5 inches)

90 Millas

Photographic print PVC plexiglass and electric engines

245 x 244 cm (96,5 x 96 inches)

From the series Buoyancy

Photographic print in lightbox and LED lights

100 x 100 cm or 60 x 60 cm (39 x 39 inches or 23,5 x 23,5 inches)

From the series Constelaciones

Photographic print on PVC, pins and threads

120 x 66 cm (47 x 26 inches)


Photographic print on PVC laminated photography fragments hand placed with pins

100 cm or 200 cm Diameter (39 inches or 78 inches Diameter)